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Shop the Princess hat. It is a wool cloche hat. The Princess is part of Goorin Bros's Goorin Ladies collection. You can now buy the Goorin Princess Wool Felt Cloche. This hat was originally released in fall/winter of 2010. The Goorin Princess Wool Felt Cloche is made of 100% Wool. The Princess is a fantastic womens cloche hat is sure to complete your style with its persuasive  wool material. As a woman's hat, the Goorin Princess Wool Felt Cloche is the perfect addition to any collection.This Goorin Ladies wool CLOCHE hat is available exclusively online here at Goorin Bros. Frank Sinatra is quoted as saying: " Cock your cloche - angels are attitudes." The Princess follows in the Goorin Bros tradition started in 1895 by master craftsman Cassel Goorin. This cloche is similar to the original cloche sold off a horse cart in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cassel`s sons – the Goorin Bros. – continued the tradition of making hat like the Goorin Princess Wool Felt Cloche. They moved the family business to San Francisco in 1949 where they could expand designs for mindblowing cloche. Today, Goorin Bros. sources the finest wool for its cloche. Goorin is known as the world leader in designing important hat's.

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